Asserting my attachment to my vision of life and fashion to my own personal aesthetic, encapsulates the way of work to me. I enjoy the work when it tells a story, thus allowing one to put it into perspective.
This scene imitates my school days in a room with islamic plaster carving, school tables and round mirrors to give a never ending cycle to the room.
Models wrapped and draped in ivory bandages skinny to the body, took us eight hours to sew on to the models directly. The bandages soaked in white clay, create statue like students with an apathetic makeup.
The room’s ambience is dusky, school tables are arranged messy, the jeweleries are destructed and oversized, the make up is surreal and smudged, nothing is in its right place and everything is chaotic despite the calmness and light and the softness depicted in the photos.
Garments are made of a see through white gaze and their designs develop them to a decorated pieces with bold and bright scratched and manipulated silk,Termeh, staging the change that overcomes us in different grades.
This collection is called Vulnus and it’s telling a true story.
Melody was only 9 when her teacher called her an idiot with a big smile on her face, so Melody also had to fake a smile. The fear of expressing our true personality and being an individual was our school narratives, amphibious was our type of living, insisting to get social acceptance was our goal. School was and still is our nightmare and us to teachers were just living puppets.